viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Smarter Marketing: Know your customer

Today, the vast amount of data that customers are generating lets marketers understand customers not just as segments or targets, but as actual individuals. Understand individual customer needs.

Do you know me?

The better you know me the more ways you'll find to make me happy.
I'm so much more than data.
When I'm in your store, do I feel at home?
whan I'm on your site, do I feel expected?
Do you have an app for me?
Can you suggest the perfect luch?
Do you know my last ten purchases? My next 10?
Do you know my taste?
Do you know my style?
Do you know who I respect?
Do you know who I inspire?
Do you know my network?
Do you know I'am tweeting about you right now?
Talk to me. Know me

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